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There is not another position in sports that is as demanding as being the quarterback of a football team. It does not matter the level either – high school, college, professional – the physical and mental demands of playing the position are like no other. A basketball point guard, hockey goalie, baseball pitcher; none of them receive more praise for victories or more flack in defeat than the football quarterback. A private quarterback coach can assist.

Characteristics of a Great Quarterback

The position takes a variety of skills, not all of which are physical. Sure, a strong arm is an asset, but ask coaches around the country and they would much rather prefer a quarterback to be an accurate passer. In today’s age of the spread offense, it is nice to have a mobile quarterback, one who is just as good running the ball as he is passing it. While these physical skills are a must, it is the intangibles that separate the great ones from the rest.

The best quarterbacks have the ability to make quick decisions. They are able to read a defense and react to it during a play. The great ones have an uncanny ability to make plays when plays are needed. With your team down by four, the ball on the opponent’s five-yard line, and facing a fourth down-and-6 for the game, the great quarterbacks are the ones who step into the huddle, look each of their teammates in the eyes, and tell them exactly how they are going to win…and then they make the play.

These intangibles are hard to measure, but they are the reason a skinny kid from Notre Dame (Joe Montana) drafted in the third round of the NFL Draft winds up guiding his team to four Super Bowl wins and wins three Super Bowl MVPs himself.

How to Become a Better Quarterback

Best Private Quarter Back Coach

Those who possess the necessary physical qualities can improve at the mental aspect of football through study of the game. Many quarterbacks at the high school and college level will hire a private quarterback coach. These coaches are usually guys who have played the position and have a deep understanding of what is needed to develop into an elite quarterback. Private quarterback coaches will take their students through numerous drills in an attempt to work on their throwing motion.

The best private quarter back coach will also work with their students on the mental aspect of the game reviewing film and doing mental exercises to work on those intangibles that make certain quarterbacks great. Conatct Steve Cisneros of QB Rising for youth quarterback coaching in Nevada, Kansas, and Ohio.